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There is no way of getting around the fact that anything Google does affect websites, and those who try to promote websites, like nothing else. 
Matt Cutts of Google has been quoted to say that SEOs that stay ahead of Google will be successful, but to stay ahead of Google one has to understand the mindset and future aspirations of this search engine. for learning the best content marketing join the best digital marketing training in Delhi.
By looking at the little changes that Google keep making to improve their services it seems clear that with Google, relevant “handmade” content is, and will always be, King!
The Purpose of Google

Every SEO, working hard to promote sites and pinpoint the correct strategies for pleasing Google in order to reach that first page of search results, must stop themselves every now and then and get back to the basics. 
It is very easy to get caught up in strategies for keywords, links and more, and lose track of the purpose behind all of the hard work. At the en…

Write a blog for people not search engine | Blogging basics

While a lot of people start a blog as a journal for friends and family there are many serious bloggers with the goal of delivering content that is meant for people and search engines.The success of a blog will rely on both factors.
On one hand, the content must be composed for real people, on the other, real people will not find the blog if Google doesn’t find it.So how should one write a blog that is loved both by Google and by real human beings?
To create this type of blog one has to do a little bit of planning before the blog is up and running.Even if you are opening a blog purely out of a desire to make money, it is always a good idea to write on a topic that lies close to heart.  and for learning best blogging tips you should join the best digital marketing institute so why are you waiting for join now the best digital marketing course in Delhi.
When you know what you are writing about you are more likely to give this impression both to Google and the actual readers.
Who is the Conte…

How often Should you blog ?

I’m often asked how much time small business owners should spend blogging. First, let me say that it is absolutely crucial that small business owners manage a blog for their company. Second, I will even say that they should manage a secondary blog for more personal entries and tie that blog with the business blog.
 Third, in response to the question, the amount of time that a small business owner should spend blogging is directly proportionate to several aspects: The goals he has for his company, the type of company he operates, his own personality and his time management skills.
If I say that you should write one blog post per day that may be too much for some business owners. Likewise, if I tell you to write one blog post per week, that may be too little for other business owners.
 It all depends on the aspects listed above. With all this being said, I will explain what business owners should keep in mind when determining how much time they should spend blogging. so you can join the be…